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Welcome to Swargha

Your Heritage Wedding Venue In Bangalore!

About Swargha

Swargha is an authentic destination wedding venue located in the heart of Bangalore city that completes your search for an elegant and romantic wedding destination for the joyous couple.

With its vast open space featuring relics of Indian culture and heritage, it is a perfect dream wedding destination that captures eclectic stories of India’s glorious past.

Swargha Features
  • check_circle_outlineLarge open spaces spread across 2.5 acres of land.
  • check_circle_outlineOpen space with a capacity to hold upto 1000 guests a day.
  • check_circle_outlineAmple car parking space that can hold upto 250 cars.
  • check_circle_outlineCovered dining hall that can hold upto 250 guests at a time.


Some Of Our Facilities At Swargha

Swargha Stage

The stage is the main focus area of a wedding or any other event as this is where all the action happens. So we have taken special care to highlight the significance of this area by making it amply big and wonderful.

Swargha stage is strategically located under neem and sandalwood trees that highlights and enriches the mood for every auspicious occasion.

The Swargha stage is positioned to face east, as it is the optimal direction chosen for any auspicious event.

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Swargha literally means heaven and heaven is filled with Gods, Angels & the most colorful creation of nature including green grass, white clouds, blue skies and more. At Swargha, we have taken special care to bring in these experiences to you here on earth.

Nandanavana is one of the two lawns that decorate Swargha. It is spread across 5,000 sqft of open space and is filled with lush green grass giving it an European lawn outlook.

In case of a wedding event, you can set up your Dhaare Mantapa on Nandanavana along with open air seating facility with a capacity to accomodate upto 300 guests for the event.

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Courtyard is an unroofed area that is completely or partially enclosed by walls or buildings.

Brindavana is the bigger of the two lawns present inside Swargha premises. It is a courtyard style lawn that runs across an area of over 11,000 sqft.

Brindavana also features Kalyani, a water body bearing Lotus plants within it which can also be used for various ceremonies.

Brindavana can also be used to host open air wedding receptions with beautifully decorated premises and great lighting as it can hold upto 750 guests at a time.

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Sumeru Gazebo

A Gazebo is a pavilion structure, often built in a park, garden or spacious public area that gives a wide view of the surrounding area.

Sumeru is a Gazebo spread across 3200 sqft area of the Swargha premises. While it can be used for different purposes based on the event, it is usually used as a dining venue for wedding & reception.

Sumeru Gazebo can hold upto 450 guests for a buffet setup or upto 250 guests for meals served on a banana leaf.

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Indrasabha is a relatively small hall spread across 1000 sqft area of the Swargha premises. It is usually used to perform rituals like Haldi, Vara Pooja and Sapthapadhi.

For events such as cultural fests & art shows , it can also be used as a closed arena display area to showcase your master pieces.

The flooring of Indrasabha is made of Athungudi tiles while it is covered with vintage Mangalore tiles for the roofing. Indrasabha is also decorated with Jalli walls to uplift the view of the venue.

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Relics At Swargha

Swargha holds a great collection of relics from the past that captures our rich heritage & culture. Some of these relics dates back to over 100 years, which have been carefully preserved here at Swargha.

Tap over each of these images to learn more about their history and other interesting details about them.

Cart Wheels

Over 160 years old, sourced from a village in Doddaballapur

Teak Wood Door

Over 100 years old teak wood door, sourced from Andhra Pradesh, which leads to Sumeru from Nandanavana

Wooden Pillars

60 years old antique teakwood pillars, sourced from Mysore


50 years old jhula turned into a photo booth


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